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In 2018, the number of visitors to Cardona amounted to 130,084 people, a very high figure compared to the city's population, 4,652 inhabitants. With this disproportionate data, we believe that promoting the city's tourism can help the local economy and thus curb depopulation and attract new residents.


Currently, Cardona has two tourist attractions: the salt mountain and the medieval castle (apart from the old town). However, the city has natural resources that give the city much greater potential: salt over 40 million years old, water (from the Cardener River) and a large reserve of underground brine water.


The benefits of salt in the world of health and wellness are well recognized. They help with respiratory problems, relax the nervous system, take care of the skin and even relieve pain in the skeletal system.


Assessing the possibilities of positioning Cardona at a European level, a wellness center dedicated to salt would be the equipment that could give the necessary added value to the city. It would be located in the territory of the existing cultural park, being placed in a place with privileged views of the saline valley and the Cardona castle without invading the natural space. In this way, the wellness center will promote a renovation of the cultural park and, in turn, will make use of its existing infrastructures. The project contemplates the possibility of enhancing the experience of the journey through the park with specific interventions and the creation of an eco-hotel to complete the visitor's stay.


We consider that the wellness center has to be a right accessible to all people as many times as they want and not just as a gift for special occasions. For this reason, the center will have two possibilities of route. One with a sensory and meditative experience for those who want to completely disconnect and another with a reduced cost to enjoy basic therapeutic treatments more frequently.











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