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The project is based on the pretext of the new metro line M2 of Torino. The proposal of the station Mole - Giardini Reale does not satisfy the needs of the place, because it is alien to its environment and does not respond to the name of the stop. Given the proximity of the train platform to the Giadini Reale is a great excuse to place the station in relation to the park and make a journey that relates various equipments to reach the Mole, iconic monument of the city.


Currently, the only void in the vicinity of the monument is a parking area surrounded by opaque walls and interior courtyards, being devoid of commercial ground floor or any other program. With the intention of not coming into conflict with private properties, the project uses void to build a 'PLAZA' building at different heights, keeping the ground floor free and clearing its view towards the monument. The new building is a contrast to the classic style of the 'Mole' and seeks to enter into a dialogue with it, without actually competing as an emblem of the city.


The building program seeks maximum flexibility and adaptability to the demands of the city, generating spaces distributed in different heights. The void becomes a flexible stage for the city. 









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